Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart LIVING TOGETHER !

The Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were reconciling after their dramatic breakup in July, and are now living together, again! For more Hollywood news and gossip: Subscribe at: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

19 thoughts on “Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart LIVING TOGETHER !

  1. everybody deserves a second chance., and so is kristen. maybe the “cheating” thing gives them a lesson anyway, for them to realize if they can live without in each others arms, and whom they wanted to be with.

  2. I do believe it was a publicity stunt and both couples were in on it. Its been said that in hollywood there is no such thing as bad publicity. From some of what I have seen and heard both couples have benefited a lot from this. All the attention the movies stewart and pattinson are promoting. All the offers the director and his wife have received. The large volume of sales of the dvd of snow white and the huntsman. I’m sure it was a stunt. They may have underestimated the amount of criticism.

  3. I agree w/everyone who said it’s for publicity for BD2. Trust me when I say that putting a ring on it doesn’t always scream faithful. I gave almost 17 yrs to a man that cheated on me 4 times that I knew about. Not knowing of the times I didn’t know. I forgave him each & everytime. After awhile, he was flaunting it in my face. He divorced me two days before our 17th anniversary. He remarried one month later. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I was faithful to him our entire marriage.

  4. If it was it was a horrible one because this seriously inflicted her career and her credibility.

  5. I agree too everyone makes mistakes,
    and who knows she might have learned from hers and she’d never do it again.

    but fact is.. that relationship can never be the way it was before.
    He asked her to marry him to prove to him she’d be his alone?
    That relationship doesn’t seem to havetrust
    And it might go okay for a month it might go okay for a year.
    But whenever some fight comes up or a situation seems ”shady” with another actor/director she’s working on a movie on will make robert doubt again.

  6. My heart leaps for joy for Robert and Kristen. It is very amazing how their chemistry together have captured the heart of millions around the world.
    Maintaining a love life is incredibly difficult because there are always people who want to sabotage and rob you of your happiness.
    Love relationships bring forth every human emotion that one can imagine.
    My prayers and best wishes are with Rob and Kristen and I hope that they enjoy each day that they are bless to share.

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